Saturday, July 28, 2012

Talkin' Bout My Mobe-lization...

Without going into OPSEC-defying detail, it looks like I will be returning to active duty for an extended period of time. That's the Yin and Yang of being a military reservist these days...our sacrifices  are fewer in frequency and duration than our active duty brothers and sisters, but sometimes it's more jolting when transitioning between civilian life and full-time soldier.

I am definitely not whining about this situation. It remains a distinct privilege to be able to serve at my rather advanced age, and hopefully contribute something worthwhile. Re-orienting my mind always takes time, but at least it won't be the complete shock I experienced in 2008 by returning to a completely different Army!

One BIG improvement over my last adventure (which spawned this blog), is that I will be attached to an installation very close to home, so life will be relatively normal. Should be a minimum of foolishness as well, which will be most welcome.

I'll keep y'all posted as this next military experience develops. Besides, until I have orders in hand, and complete mobilization in-processing, nothing is for certain, right?

UPDATE: I definitely spoke too soon with the "Should be a minimum of foolishness..." comment. Although I have a current HIV test result on file, good until 2015, according to the Army Medical System, I apparently need a NEW test, like yesterday, not to mention a new physical. Guess someone must have dimed me out when they saw me eating a couple of sweet potato fries with my salad the other day. As for the HIV thing, at my age, "risky behavior" is defined as setting the treadmill speed to over 5 mph...and while that may require me to start a "Motrin Cocktail", it's a far cry from any unauthorized boinkery. Plus, I hate dang blood draws. Okay, my Olympic Whining event is finished...


  1. Good luck on your mobilization...thought those days were finally over, but I guess not.

    Hey, I appreciated your review for my "Break Beneath a Bridge."

    If you get a chance to offer your thoughts about the other chapters, that would be great - good, bad,'s always good to hear a objective voice.

    Good luck down the road!

  2. Thanks, Nathan. I have read the rest of the chapters, and each was a gem, in different ways. Your "Mortar vs. T-wall/Shower Shack" anecdote was priceless...reminded me of my own "Rocket attack while in the Porta-Potty" experience. Great observations about how jinx reputations are created.
    I'll write a review for each later this month.