Thursday, May 10, 2012

Still Amazed...

Loyal readers of this blog know of my frequent rants because that the U.S. Army's approach to computer use falls just short of Luddite standards. A wise friend often comments that if the network security people had their way, they would ensure a perfectly secure system which nobody would have access to. The Army has come close to implementing that ridiculous standard.

I have tried to renew my USAR computer credentials on numerous occasions. In order to do so, I have to complete the annual "Information Assurance" training, and pass an online exam. I've tried to do this during my monthly drills, but naturally, without a valid account, I can take the class, but not the exam. I was told that it was not possible to login to the class website from a non-Army computer. Well, I decided to give that method a try as a last resort. Whaddya know, it worked. I completed and passed the test. I then followed the instructions to request an updated account, but was stymied there. I went back to my unit, and was able to submit an application for an account by using a computer already logged on to the system. The application has to go to my unit's parent major command for approval. One week later, no approval. So once again, I ended up going home to do my required travel documents on my own laptop, then returning to the unit to have them signed. Fortunately I live only 20 minutes away from my unit, but the same thing was occurring for almost everyone else, including folks who live an hour or so away. In the meantime, there are five new computers sitting unused in my unit cubicles, because nobody has network priviliges.

Two percent awesome.


  1. sounds to me like NetOps has done a thorough job of securing that system. They will probably not look twice at your Lady Gaga cd-r though :)

  2. Lady GaGa has been officially prohibited by the Geneva Convention...: )

  3. Wow, what a Cyber-Charlie-Foxtrot.