Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's Forecast: "Slightly Bloggy with a Chance of Irony"

My wife says that I'm happiest when either someone has given me a microphone, or I'm writing for fun. I think I'm guilty as charged, with the most compelling evidence being the resumption of this blog. After being relatively "blog-free" for the past seven months, the siren call of the written word launched once more into the ether has me smiling with anticipation.
Some of my desire to post what I think are humorous comments on the internet has been sated by routine sacrifices to great god of Facebook, yet there are limitations to that platform. Most posts must be short, and while there is a ready-made readership among my 150 or so "FB Friends", it feels like I'm doing an Open Mike routine, but with only 5 seconds onstage. There's also lots of competition and a fair amount of banality cluttering up the display of true jewels. Yep, my own posts can definitely fall into the banal category, but I do try real hard not to routinely add crap to the compost pile.
There's a lot more competition for my attention, now that I'm back home from the Iraq. There wasn't that much to do at night in my CHU other than watch movies, read, or write blog posts. The blog also served as my war journal, which is also providing fodder for the novel I'm (slowly) working on. Don't get me wrong, I'm damned ecstatic to be home almost every night with my first-class spousal unit and also our Jack Russell Terrier. It's just bad form to spend a couple of hours every evening in the back room, pounding away on the keyboard, especially after having spent a year apart. Nu-uh, not gonna be making THAT mistake. Guess I can forsake the iMac back here for my deployment-tested laptop, at least until my wife gives me THAT LOOK which translates to, "Pay some attention to me, lest I "accidentally" knee you in the groin tonight once you are asleep!"(I wish I'd learned to speak Arabic with the same fluency I have developed in "Spouse".)
Well, that's all for tonight...But tomorrow I shall regale you with the dramatic saga of "Mice Infestation in the Workplace"!