Friday, May 14, 2010

All We Are is Dust in the Wind...

Sandstorms have hit the Baghdad area, and the timing couldn't be worse. Most helicopter flights have been grounded, as have military and commercial aircraft. One of my colleagues took this photo as we drove back to base yesterday around noon...Couldn't even see the sun because of the dust and sand in the air. We've been expecting unit members from outlying FOBs to arrive over the last couple of days, so that we can all fly out from Sather Air Base to Kuwait next week...but so far, that just ain't happening.

By the way, the Humvees in this photo are Iraqi Army vehicles. Note their gunner's tendency to stand up in the turret, ala General Patton, which is not very tactically-sound...but it looks cool.

1 comment:

  1. Yo Lep, are the "sand gods" trying to tell you something? Ahhh, you're going to miss the sand grains that get into your food, clothes, eyes, toothpaste, and the body parts...etc.

    You'll have to keep us informed of all the "snafues" occurring on your travels homebound. Never a dull moment in the army life.....NOT