Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surprise! Water Shortage in the Desert!

Seriously? That's news? Yeah, I guess it must be, as we've gotten dire warnings from the base administration folks over the past week. One of the threats which has gotten the most laughs is that the toilet trailers will be closed, and porta-potties will be placed at the end of each row of CHUs. Heck, for most of us, that'll represent an improvement! (In my case, it'll shorten my walking distance from 250 meters to 5 meters...I vote, "Heck Yeah!")

The old joke about "Save Water, Shower With a Friend!" has been resurrected by a new generation...there is even a rumor floating around that some wiseguy has distributed flyers around the base, offering himself to females as a combination "Shower Security/Water Conservation Partner". His nickname? "Clean But Creepy Dude". If this is more than an urban legend, I'm sure he's gonna get punk'd a bunch of times.


  1. Glad to hear your received porta-potties to save toilet water...it's better then trying to dodge behind an nonexitent bush or tree OR sneaking behind bunkers. I have no comment for shower water shortage other then sending you a crate of Deodorant and wishing your comrades well.

  2. i imagine you are feeling like the distance between home and that CHU just doubled. keep fighting leprechaun- this end is covered. love you uncle.