Thursday, January 28, 2010

Watch This!

Every so often I have an Andy Rooney-like moment. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to replace the batteries in watches? Jewelry stores don't do it anymore. If you try replacing 'em yourself, the watch usually has some kind of short circuit. I have about 6 decent watches here in my dresser drawer with dead batteries, and one dead watch which I apparently fried when replacing the battery. (I keep that one as a reminder not to try and replace any more batteries.) It must be a conspiracy by the watch manufacturers, so that we have to buy a new watch each time, instead of just keeping our old ones. 


  1. One of my readers directed me to "Bill's Clock and Watch Repair" in Tacoma, WA...Nice folks, and they managed to resurrect all of my dead watches with 10-year batteries. Now if I could just recall how to set all of those watches...

  2. I notice that there is a watch repair again in the BX complex at McChord - - I'm sorry at the Air Force side of JBLM.